System Integration refers to hardware and software combination that is efficient, expertly prepared and tailored to our client’s needs.  As Sirius Information Technologies, we have the right tools and methodologies, as well as the required experience and knowledge to streamline your IT Infrastructure, upgrade your existing infrastructure, improve performance across the board and assist you with issues you might face.


Process of designing and implementing new infrastructure, or managing, upgrading and troubleshooting an existing infrastructure can be a very complex proposition due to the risk factors involved and expertise required. Any kind of upgrade or new addition will likely require collaboration of more than one department, and needs to be managed expertly and efficiently to succeed without major interruptions to the service. As Sirius Information Technologies, we provide turnkey System Integration solutions to any sized business.

We provide the most current and relevant planning, implementation, upgrade, maintenance and optimization solutions that are tailored specifically based on the project requirements and needs.

Server Integration & OS Installation

Done expertly, a new server can be installed alongside your existing infrastructure without distrupting your systems. To make sure everything works as it should, the servers need to be set up properly, including firmware, remote access (iLO, iDRAC or equivalent), RAID configuration and so on.

Operating system installation is ideally something that should be done only once for a new server. Our experts will help you set up your operating system, whether it is VMware ESX, Hyper-V, Windows OS orUnix, and make sure it lasts.

Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory is a core building block of any domain network. While Active Directory is a very strong set of tools, even if the initial setup was done expertly, it might get cluttered and hard to manage over time. Whether you need your domain replication topology updated due to new domain controllers being added to your network, auditing your Active Directory for management and security concerns or upgrading your forest functionality levels, our team of experts are ready to assist you.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchange server is a very powerful communication suite that works integrated with Active Directory. With mailing being one of the primary ways to communicate, Exchange Server health, performance and security is extremely important. Our team can provide a functionality, management and security audit of your Exchange Servers, assist you with best practices for your mail infrastructure as well as provide technical support and consulting for any kind of migration from old versions to new (e.g. from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2016). For more information, please visit our E-mail & Collaboration page.

Microsoft SQL Server

As data a company needs to save grows, so does their databases. To supplement this growth in data amoount, SQL Servers need to be maintained and secured appropriately. Our team can assist you with security and management audit of your SQL Servers, as well as upgrading from old versions of SQL. While upgrading might seem like a tedious and hard process, our team has the necessary expertise to upgrade your SQL Server with minimal downtime.

We also provide Database Optimization Solutions that allow a company to optimize their SQL Servers and increase performance for SQL-Based applications.

Microsoft RDS

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services assist a company in consolidating their data and enforce company policies on a single point of entry. With RDS, employees can access session-based desktops, either fully immersed desktop or specific applications, which allows for an easier backup, management and security of resources.